Would you have ever guessed that it was a remanufactured compressor?

Scelta GiustaMaking the right choice has never been easier!
Although it may seem impossible to spend less for the same product while at the same time making a contribution to the protection of the environment, that's exactly what happens every time you purchase a remanufactured product!

For years now, the struggle to ensure a cleaner environment and to reduce the use of raw materials has resulted in a large industry dedicated to the reuse of the materials themselves. In fact, each time we board an airliner or a charter flight, we are unwittingly making use of an object that has been entirely remanufactured dozens of times... it's the same principle that applies to the recycling of the glass bottles and newspapers that we use every day!

The same principle even applies to the spare parts that we use on our vehicles. Thanks to our highly refined industrial processes, we're capable of remanufacturing automotive air conditioning compressors in such a way that they are rendered nearly identical to brand new replacement parts, but at half the price and with a significant savings in raw materials. There can be absolutely no doubt: Transtek System remanufactured products are always the best choice!

A series of articles illustrating the numerous advantages offered by remanufactured products can be found below. As for the disadvantages, unfortunately nobody has been able to find any yet!


  1. Eco-friendly Quality
  2. You’d never guess...
  3. Remanufactured products, the right choice!

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