Would you have ever guessed that it was a remanufactured compressor?

Scelta GiustaMaking the right choice has never been easier!

It seems impossible: spend less by buying the same product and perhaps render a service to the environment ... Yet this is what happens every time you buy a remanufactured part!

Buying a remanufactured spare part is certainly the best choice:

For consumers because economically it is the best solution.

For workshops because it is always available, even for older models

For the population because it creates new jobs

For environmentalists because it is an eco-sustainable solution

For years now, the struggle for a cleaner environment and a reduction in the raw materials used has led the large metalworking industry to reuse materials, whenever we get on an airliner or a charter flight, without knowing it, we are using an object completely regenerated dozens of times, the same thing goes for the glass bottles with our beloved mineral water inside or the newspaper that we leaf through every day!

The same thing goes for the parts of our car. The highly refined industrial processes we use allow us to regenerate a car air conditioning compressor in an almost identical way to a completely new spare part, at a price that is half the price and saving on raw materials. There is absolutely no room for doubt, the right choice is to buy a Trans Tek System refurbished spare part!

Below you will find a series of articles that best illustrate the innumerable advantages of the regenerated spare part, unfortunately you will not find information for defects, at the moment, no one has been able to find any!

  1. Eco-friendly Quality
  2. You’d never guess...
  3. Remanufactured products, the right choice!